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EnDurCrete nominated for the 2020 .eu Web Awards!
02.07.2020 | EnDurCrete nominated for the 2020 .eu Web Awards!

We are pleased to announce that the EnDurCrete website has been nominated for the 2020 .eu Web Awards! Are you enjoying our website? We would appreciate if you could give us a vote and help us to succeed in the tough competition. Vote here!

Remote review meeting - June 2020
26.06.2020 | Remote review meeting - June 2020

We have gathered for a remote review meeting to report and discuss the project progress! ???? ♻️

Thank you for your request regarding the demo site board. 

ReSHEALience training course
08.05.2020 | ReSHEALience training course
Become an expert in advanced concrete - Sign up for the ReSHEALience educational and technical #Training (Durability-based design of advanced cement-based materials in aggressive environments: a holistic approach). The date is May 11.

Endurcrete project in EDMA Project Repository Journal!
01.05.2020 | Endurcrete project in EDMA Project Repository Journal!

An article about the Endurcrete project has been released in the EDMA Project Repository Journal. Download it here! The complete Journal is available here!

3rd newsletter is out now!
17.04.2020 | 3rd newsletter is out now!

3rd EnDurCrete is out now! If you are not a subscriber, you can get it here!

Endurcrete at the CERAMICA INNOVA
13.03.2020 | Endurcrete at the CERAMICA INNOVA

Our partner I-BOX presented the Endurcrete project in February at the CERAMICA INNOVA networking event in Valencia, Spain! It´s the biggest event for construction materials and habitat in Spain. Well done! 

5th GA meeting Athens
07.02.2020 | 5th GA meeting Athens

The project meeting of the Endurcrete project in Athens took place on 6th of February. Check out some photos from the event in the gallery!

CERAMICA INNOVA 7th networking event
17.01.2020 | CERAMICA INNOVA 7th networking event

Ceramica Innova is the biggest event for construction materials and habitat in Spain. 3rd to 7th February Valencia, Spain. Our partner I-BOX will participate, so it is an excellent opportunity to meet and find out more Endurcrete project. More info and registration available here:

A delegation from Politecnico di Milano
10.12.2019 | A delegation from Politecnico di Milano

Students from the Polytechnic of Milan visited the prefab factory in Casale sul Sile. During the visit, Nuova Tesi involvement in EU projects was explained and Endurcrete Project was introduced. We are glad that the upcoming generation of professionals is interested in projects like ENDURCRETE. Thanks for your visit!

COMS 2020 conference
25.11.2019 | COMS 2020 conference

The conference will take place in the beautiful Bled in Slovenia from 15th to 17th April 2020.

Learn more about the conference on its official webpage. See you in Slovenia!

SAIE Bari Fair!
18.11.2019 | SAIE Bari Fair!

ENDURCRETE was exhibited by FENIX TNT during the workshop of two H2020 projects - RE4 project & Green Instruct. The workshop was held during the SAIE Bari Fair on 20th October in Bari, Italy. Were you there?

2nd Newsletter is out!
29.10.2019 | 2nd Newsletter is out!

Learn the latest news about the project, its status and recent events. We hope you will enjoy it!

Download here & enjoy!

Spreading the word!
22.10.2019 | Spreading the word!

On 17th October 2019, our partner Nuova Tesi System organized a meeting at their facilities in Italy. Attendees of the meeting represented foreign construction companies from the USA, Canada, China, the UAE, Bangladesh, Serbia, Latvia, Estonia.

Endurcrete Project was presented to the audience together with other European projects (ECO-Binder project, Veep project, LightCoce project). We are happy that the project is getting recognition even outside Europe and we cannot wait for the next opportunity to spread the word!

Load tests on concrete panels
19.09.2019 | Load tests on concrete panels

Learn more about the load tests of the Endurcrete Project. The sensors in the concrete panels were connected to the computer to analyse the data from the trend of the deformation. These results of these tests are visualised in the video.

Watch the video & learn more about the load tests.

New Endurcrete video
19.08.2019 | New Endurcrete video

During the last meeting at the Nuova Tesi System facilities, four samples of concrete were cast to perform parametric analyses of the self-sensing properties of concrete. 
Take a look! And don't forget to follow our YT channel!

Watch the video here!

15.08.2019 | We are on INSTAGRAM

We proudly present you our new Instagram profile of Endurcrete Project! Keep in touch with the latest news and photographs by following us. Thanks for all your support!

Technical meeting at NTS
31.07.2019 | Technical meeting at NTS

Last Tuesday, on 30th July, a technical meeting was held at the Tesi Systems Srl facilities. During the meeting attending partners had the opportunity to enjoy a guided tour through the NTS factory.

Thanks to both NTS & Univpm for a very interesting meeting. We cannot wait for the next one!

Photos from the meeting

Cemtech Europe 2019
26.07.2019 | Cemtech Europe 2019

Are you still considering visiting CEMTECH conference? You have the last opportunity to buy the super early-bird ticket! The conference will take place in Berlin from 30th September to 2nd October 2019.

Find out more about this international cement conference and register on the official CEMNET page.

18.07.2019 | ENDURCRETE panels!

Did you know that Endurcrete Project includes the design & realization of 2 samples of sensorized concrete panels? This new video introduces you to both!

1️⃣ Reinforced panel with Fiber Optic Sensors and electrical strain gages
2️⃣ Panel with an innovative textile mesh - Textile Reinforced Concrete

Never heard of them? Find more in the video created by Nuova Tesi System!

ENDURCRETE project in EEI Magazine
09.07.2019 | ENDURCRETE project in EEI Magazine

We are really happy to tell you that an article about the Endurcrete Project was published in the Summer Edition of EEI Magazine. And what more? You can read it online!

Just follow the link and find our project on the page no. 35.

AMANAC CLUSTER workshop report!
04.07.2019 | AMANAC CLUSTER workshop report!

Yesterday, a joint workshop of 3 H2020 projects (Endurcrete ProjectReSHEALienceDACOMAT) took place in Brussels, Belgium. We are happy that more than 65 participants attended the event and we hope everyone enjoyed it as much as we did.

Among the attendees was also our new project officer Dr. Achilleas Stalios. He and Olga Rio opened the workshop with their welcome notes and were followed by various presentations on different topics related to the development and management of a sustainable built environment.

See you next time!


We are happy to announce that Endurcrete Project has been nominated for the ".EU WEB AWARDS!" You can vote for our project in the BETTER WORLD category.

The competition launched in 2014 and its goal is to acknowledge the best websites, using the .eu or .ею extensions

Click on VOTE HERE.


Nanomaterials Common Newsletter
13.06.2019 | Nanomaterials Common Newsletter

A sensible strategy towards construction sustainability

We are happy to share with you a joint newsletter of three H2020 projects. EnDurCrete project together with LORCENIS and RESHEALIENCE projects prepared a newsletter that tells you all the information about B-SMART Made Expo 2019 & PPCC2019 events.

The interactive newsletter was designed by FENIX TNT & you can find it HERE.

Have you seen the AMANAC workshop AGENDA?
07.06.2019 | Have you seen the AMANAC workshop AGENDA?

We are happy to share with you the full agenda of the AMANAC workshop of three H2020 cluster projects (RESHEALICEDACOMAT and EnDurCrete Project) and AMANAC cluster. The programme is really interesting and we cannot wait for it to finally start!

DATE: 3rd July 2019
VENUE: Auditorium Hadewych (ground floor), Hendrik Conscience Gebouw, Koning Albert II-Laan 15, 1210 Brussels, Belgium

Save the date & see you soon!


Casting Concrete Samples
30.05.2019 | Casting Concrete Samples

Endurcrete Project aims at evaluating the durability performance of concretes using new cement types. Samples of enhanced concrete were prepared in Acciona facilities and we are happy to share the photos of casting and mix preparation.

A series of durability tests were designed in order to compare EnDurCrete with traditional concrete. These new dosages developed in EnDurCrete project included new types of cement and new elements (functionalized nano-clays, and recycled carbon-based fillers/fibres). In addition, laboratory tests were performed.

See the photos in our Gallery and stay tuned for further concrete updates!

Sensorized Panels
23.05.2019 | Sensorized Panels

We are happy to share with you photos from the manufacturing process of sensorized panels. The panels were cast & produced by Nuova Tesi System from Italy and will be put to the stress test during the upcoming weeks.

We cannot wait for the results!
More photos available in our Gallery.

AMANAC workshop in Brussels
25.04.2019 | AMANAC workshop in Brussels

What kind of built environment for future generations?

EnDurCrete project along with other H2020 projects (RESHEALICEDACOMAT and AMANAC cluster) is co-organizing an AMANAC workshop! It will take place on the 3rd of July 2019 in Brussels, Belgium.

Take a look at the workshop leaflet created by FENIX TNT and find the full list of topics and the registration form in section AMANAC workshop on our project website.

Do not forget to register and see you there!


We are happy that the first EnDurCrete promo video created by FENIX TNT is now available online. You can learn more about our H2020 project, goals, plans and project partners from all around the Europe.

AMANAC workshop at EuroNanoForum2019
09.04.2019 | AMANAC workshop at EuroNanoForum2019

Margherita Cioffi from RINA will be presenting EnDurCrete project at AMANAC Cluster workshop on the 14th June 2019, in Bucharest, Romania.
This workshop will be organized within the EuroNanoForum 2019, which focus on nanotechnologies and advanced materials science, innovation and businesses.
We are proud to be a part of ENF19 and we would like to invite you to Romania! See you there!

ENDURCRETE at World Sustainable Energy Days
27.03.2019 | ENDURCRETE at World Sustainable Energy Days

EnDurCrete Project was represented by our partners FENIX TNT at World Sustainable Energy Days 2019 in Wels, Austria.

Our project was exhibited at the "TODAY's WASTE, TOMORROW MATERIAL!" workshop on 28th February 2019.

Find out about LORCENIS project!
22.03.2019 | Find out about LORCENIS project!

We are proud to announce that we have started cluster cooperation with H2020 project LORCENIS.
LORCENIS is an EU funded project developing long-lasting reinforced concrete for energy infrastructures with lifetime extended up to 100% under extreme operating conditions.
You can find the project also on our project website in the section Cluster projects.

We look forward to fruitful cooperation!

3rd GA Meeting in Spain
07.03.2019 | 3rd GA Meeting in Spain

EnDurCrete project status was evaluated at our 3rd General Assembly Meeting, that took place on 6th & 7th February in Córdoba, Spain. 

The agenda of the meeting included the project overview and overall progress, an exploitation workshop led by FENIX TNT, and presentations of individual work packages. Within these presentations, partners presented the work package updates, progress, issues, and achievements and plans for the next 6-months period.

See more pictures in our Gallery section.

08.02.2019 | MADE EXPO 2019

Project representatives from Università Politecnica delle Marche, Heidelberg cement, Nuova Tesi and RINA Consulting will attend the MADE EXPO 2019 that will take place on 13th-16th March 2019 in Milan, Italy.
Made Expo is Italy’s most important trade show for the Building & Construction industry. Our project will be introduced via presentation on 14th March. 

First EnDurCrete newsletter
04.02.2019 | First EnDurCrete newsletter

We proudly share with you the very first EnDurCrete newsletter.
Download the newsletter on our website. 

M12 General Assembly meeting
08.01.2019 | M12 General Assembly meeting

Less than a month and EnDurCrete project consortium will meet again!

The meeting will be held from 6th to 7th February 2019 in Cordoba, Spain.

8th ECTP conference in Brussels
16.11.2018 | 8th ECTP conference in Brussels

Actors from the whole construction value-chain, including academia, industry, and representatives of the European were discussing the topics of innovation in the Built Environment in Europe at the 8th ECTP conference
In addition, the ECTP conference offered an exhibition area in which key results from innovation projects were presented. FENIX TNT represented our project at their stand with other H2020 projects.

EnDurCrete project presentation during AMANAC workshop
25.10.2018 | EnDurCrete project presentation during AMANAC workshop

ENDURCRETE representatives from FENIX TNT will introduce our project within the "AMANAC WORKSHOP - Branding innovations beyond the technical Life Cycle Assessment and the trade-offs of sustainable growth” 29th of October, 13:00-17:30 in Vienna (Austria). The presentation is titled “How to use positive LCA as a value proposition and exploitation/business tool”

The workshop aims to address the challenges and opportunities of Life Cycle based decision-making by offering different stakeholders a thorough review of various LCA technical and communication barriers. It will consider social and economic perspectives to facilitate a thorough and holistic sustainable approach.

Registration for this workshop HERE.

Please register for the INDTECH2018 conference as well HERE.

Registration is free of charge for both events

Deep Renovation Joint Workshop in Rome
11.10.2018 | Deep Renovation Joint Workshop in Rome

Our partners from RINA represented the EnDurCrete project at the Deep renovation Joint Workshop on 5th October 2018 in Rome. The event was hosted by P2ENDURE, an EU funded project that has received funding from the Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 723391, and it was organised in conjunction with EENSULATE project and ENVISION H2020 projects.

8th ECTP conference
25.09.2018 | 8th ECTP conference

FENIX TNT will present the ENDURCRETE project via booth and brochures during the upcoming edition of the ECTP conference “When EU Construction Industry shapes high-tech Sustainable Built Environment”. The 8th ECTP open Conference will take place in Brussels on November 13-14, 2018 and will be dedicated to present and discuss current and anticipated innovation in the built environment field. 
This event is a key opportunity to meet and network with experts, receive a full update on RDI in the construction sector and be informed on new and innovative technical developments.
Register HERE.
See you there!

Cluster projects section on the project website
14.09.2018 | Cluster projects section on the project website

Learn about our cluster projects - ReSHEALieance and ECO-Binder project on our website in section Cluster projects right now!

EnDurCrete roll up poster
07.09.2018 | EnDurCrete roll up poster

We have released a project roll-up poster, which will be shown during the events where the EnDurCrete project will be presented.
You can download it HERE.

31.08.2018 | UPCOMING EVENT: AMANAC Workshop at INDTECH2018

EnDurCrete representatives from Geonardo, Heidelberg cement and FENIX TNT will attend the AMANAC Workshop that will be part of the INDustrial TECHnologies 2018 (INDECH 2018). INDTECH2018, an event of the Austrian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, will combine keynote presentations, talks, a matchmaking event and exhibitions. It provides an excellent opportunity to meet experts from industry, academia and policy to exchange information and to strengthen collaboration. INDTECH2018 is anticipating 1000 participants from more than 30 countries in Europe and across the globe. The event will take place on 29th October 2018 in Vienna.

EnDurCrete project brochure
17.08.2018 | EnDurCrete project brochure

Did you have a chance to see our very first project brochure?
Download the brochure HERE.

EnDurCrete project at BuildUp Portal
10.08.2018 | EnDurCrete project at BuildUp Portal

Now you have a chance to read about our project at BuildUp portal!

First article about the ENDURCRETE project is out!
03.08.2018 | First article about the ENDURCRETE project is out!

Our partners from Nuova Tesi have published an article about the ENDURCRETE project in the July edition of the Italian PLATINUM magazine.
You can rad the article in Italian or in English. Enjoy the reading!

ENDURCRETE project presented to the China Academy of Building Research
28.06.2018 | ENDURCRETE project presented to the China Academy of Building Research

ENDURCRETE project was introduced to the representatives of the China Academy of Building Research (CABR) who visited the FENIX TNT premises in Brno, Czech Republic on 26th June. CABR is the largest comprehensive R&D institution in the building sector in China. Their research and business cover 70 fields of such specialties as building structure, soil foundation, earthquake-resistance engineering, building environment and energy efficiency, building software, construction mechanization, building fire-prevention, construction technology and building materials. In recent years, CABR has put more efforts to research and development of technologies concerning green buildings, new energy applications, disaster prevention and mitigation and intelligent integration. ENDURCRETE project was introduced via presentation.

General Assembly meeting after 6 months of the project
26.06.2018 | General Assembly meeting after 6 months of the project

ENDURCRETE consortium met during the General Assembly meeting after 6 months of the project in Leimen, Germany that took place on 18th and 19th June 2018. The first day was dedicated to the detailed presentation of the project progress within the individual Work Packages, focused on the last six months. Partners also had a chance to visit the HeidelbergCement premises and laboratories. The next day, some Work Package leaders organized short workshops dedicated to their topic. During the meeting, all partners had an opportunity to ask questions, clarify possible confusion, discuss the plans and evaluate the work done so far.

EnDurCrete project on Acciona website
08.06.2018 | EnDurCrete project on Acciona website

Acciona - Construction has published a brief press release about our project on their website in the "Innovation Projects" section. Read more here.

UK - Spain bilateral event for Nanotechnologies & Advanced Materials Workshop
18.05.2018 | UK - Spain bilateral event for Nanotechnologies & Advanced Materials Workshop

Acciona presented the EnDurCrete project during the workshop called “UK - Spain bilateral event for Nanotechnologies & Advanced Materials” in Cambridge, United Kingdom.

The main aim of the event was to foster cooperative partnerships in order to build prospective collaborative R&D project consortia for EU and nationally funded programmes such as Horizon 2020. The event also provided a platform for commercial and technological B2B partnerships as well as for R&D collaborations. Read more about this event here.

ENDURCRETE press release on EU agenda website
11.05.2018 | ENDURCRETE press release on EU agenda website

The first press release about the EnDurCrete product is now available on EU Agenda website. EU Agenda is a hub for all things EU. They aggregate, curate and publish the best policy content about EU projects from hundreds of sources. 

ENDURCRETE is now listed in the ECTP project database!
04.05.2018 | ENDURCRETE is now listed in the ECTP project database!

The European Construction, built environment and energy efficient building Technology Platform (ECTP) is a leading membership organization promoting and influencing the future of the Built Environment. ECTP is today one of the 38 European Technology Platforms (ETPs) which are industry-led stakeholder fora recognized by the European Commission as key actors in driving innovation, knowledge transfer and European competitiveness.

Information about EnDurCrete project you can find here.

Start Up Olé 2018
19.04.2018 | Start Up Olé 2018

I-BOX CREATE introduced the EnDurCrete project within the “Start Up Olé 2018” on 17th April in Salamanca, Spain. This event gathered Start Ups selected from those with the Seal of Excellence from UE. I-BOX CREATE introduced EnDurCrete project as one of these startups.

EnDurCrete Kick-off meeting
16.01.2018 | EnDurCrete Kick-off meeting

EnDurCrete consortium met during the first General Assembly meeting. This „kick-off “meeting took place on 16th January 2018 in Brussels. The project partners introduced themselves and discussed the planned activities for the next six-month period within the work packages. It was a great opportunity for partners to meet each other face-to-face and to establish successful cooperation.

EnDurCrete Project on social media!
05.01.2018 | EnDurCrete Project on social media!

Now you have the opportunity to follow the ENDURCRETE project on social networks. Find us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and you'll get regular updates on all project news and events.

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