New Environmental friendly and Durable conCrete,
integrating industrial by-products and hybrid systems,
for civil, industrial and offshore applications

About the Project

The main goal of EnDurCrete Project is to develop a new cost-effective sustainable reinforced concrete for long lasting and added value applications. The concept is based on the integration of novel low-clinker cement including high-value industrial by-products, new nano and micro technologies and hybrid systems ensuring enhanced durability of sustainable concrete structures with high mechanical properties, self-healing and self-monitoring capacities.

Starting date:1. 1. 2018
Duration:42 months
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News & Events

2nd Newsletter is out! 2nd Newsletter is out!

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Spreading the word! Spreading the word!

On 17th October 2019, our partner Nuova Tesi System organized a meeting at their facilities in Italy. Attendees of the meeting represented foreign construction companies from the USA, Canada, China, the UAE, Bangladesh, Serbia, Latvia, Estonia.

Endurcrete Project was presented to the audience together with other European projects (ECO-Binder project, Veep project, LightCoce project). We are happy that the project is getting recognition even outside Europe and we cannot wait for the next opportunity to spread the word!

Load tests on concrete panels Load tests on concrete panels

Learn more about the load tests of the Endurcrete Project. The sensors in the concrete panels were connected to the computer to analyse the data from the trend of the deformation. These results of these tests are visualised in the video.

Watch the video & learn more about the load tests.


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